Our Story

Los Amaya’s Salsa Co. is a veteran owned small business, inspired by the Amaya family’s spirit and traditional cooking recipes. The Amaya’s are from a small town in Naco, AZ where “hand-me-downs” were how they prepared for each school year. The family consisted of 9 brothers and sisters, so clothes were passed down from generation to generation. Tio Marcos was the eighth child of nine and generally drew the short straw in clothing options. He had a saying that he would tell his kids, nieces, and nephews when he was an adult which was “No Te Dejes”. No Te Dejes translates to “Don’t let yourself” and was his way of telling them not to let life circumstances defeat you.

With that same spirit, Tio Marcos found ways to be creative whether it was fixing cars, houses, or making delicious food for the family. One of the family favorites was the salsa he made when visiting family. What made it special outside of the family laughter, music and dancing was the chiltepin spice. The chiltepin is the “Mother of all Peppers” and is not generally found commercially. In Naco and Bisbee the chiltepin is a common household item used for pozole, menudo, salsa, and just about anything you want to add a little spice to. Tio Marcos’s oldest son learned how to duplicate his salsa recipe and continued sharing that salsa at many gatherings for family and friends’ years to come.

With Tio Marcos’s motivational phrase of “No Te Dejes” lessons of perseverance from the Amaya family and a splash of chiltepin, Los Amaya’s Salsa Company became a reality. With that foundation, Los Amaya’s Salsa Co. is here to bring the last salsa you will ever want to buy.
Welcome to Los Amaya’s Salsa Co.!