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Tio Marcos Los Trios Package!

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Tio Marcos Los Trios package is a variety pack of each heat level. (1 Hot, 1 Traditional, 1 Mild)

These salsa's have a perfect blend of fresh ingredients infused with the small but mighty Chiltepin pepper. We refer to it as the "Caviar of peppers" due to the size and availability. This premium salsa is a perfect addition for tacos, chips, eggs, grilled meats, and many other foods. If you want to try it in true Tio Marcos fashion you'll need your favorite music, good company, and good vibes. ¡Pruébalo!

16 fl. oz. per container

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Green Onion, Fresh Cilantro, Sea Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Ground Chiltpepin, & Spices

 ***Price subject to change due to seasonality of the Chiltepin Pepper***